Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poor Christopher.

Mark did a Family Home Evening lesson last night on what it means to be a pioneer. He had a sheet of paper with portraits of Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison, Brigham Young and Neal Armstrong. (All were the first to accomplish something or go somewhere no one had gone before.) He asked our brilliant daughter to identify all the people and tell what she knew about each one. I had to help her with Neal Armstrong but with Thomas Edison, she said, "Oh yes, he invented the lightbulb, the phonograph, and a voting machine but no one wanted to buy it." (She has a book on him.) That's what made it so funny when she was completely stumped by everyone's favorite sailing explorer (well, there were a few large groups of people who weren't so happy with him, but you know what I mean...) Mark finally had her guess who it was. "Um, Brigham Young's mother?"
Then, when we laughed so hard, she was so embarrassed. She hates being wrong, but it was sure cute.


Beam Family said...

That's hilarious! We loved seeing you guys when we were in Utah. It was good to catch up.

the Hurst's said...

i love your blog, and i love the lyrics on the side of your page, my personal fav.


elshmobelsh said...

That's hilarious! He does look quite feminine in that picture.

Anna M. said...

I have all of my old love letters saved too...I think I've only pulled them out once, but Rick wasn't really that interested in reading them. On a side note, Rick saved all of this old ones too...I WAS interested in reading those! =)

Miranda said...

That gave me a nice little chuckle!