Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lightning McQueen and a little Amusement for an Old Someday Woman

Here is a picture of the double-fat comforter I made for my sister Darcy's upcoming attraction. I machine quilted the characters so the back leaves a little to be desired. Maybe next time around will be better...I'm asking Mark for a quilt frame for my birthday. (Two months til the big 30. My mom had five children by then. If I got pregnant with twins by then, would that count? Don't hold your breath, Mom.) Here are also some cute summer antics of my children. Who knows what order these pics will load in. One is of Boston proudly eating some Korean sauteed Swiss Chard from our garden, because we told him it was like Popeye food. He ate it, flexed, and then started quoting to Leslie. "Olive, my love." What a card. Thank goodness for old reruns. Here is another shot of the boys on Thursday (vacuuming day) their very favorite. They are both in love with the vacuum and the broom and are always trying to make weapons or baseball bats out of the attachments. Boston even put the hard comb attachment in the tub with him this week to play with. Lovely. Here's a shot of Leslie on a day when she couldn't find any little girlfriends to play with. She got out the dressups out of cold storage and had a blast. Boston didn't know that it wasn't cool, but later I'm sure she will use this shot to torture him.
I heard one time that a girl should never ever throw away a love letter so that she can have something to laugh over in her old age. Since I'm creeping up on thirty, I had to pull out my small box of assorted "chocolates" (the Whitman's brand are just the right size for letters) from the hope chest, and they are quite old. I'm talking junior high vintage. That's what hope chests are for, isn't it? I had to show Mark and just glowed at his trying-not-to-be-jealous comments as he read through some of my adolescent drama,("Hah. He's just trying to sound smart." "Snort. 'Call me collect, I can afford it.' like he's rich or something", etc) since he had a veritable parade of girlfriends in high school and I had um, a library card. Then I promptly put the lid on the box and will save it for when we turn 60 and 62. By then maybe I'll slip a few copies of Mark's notes out of our wedding scrapbook and into the box, so he knows I like his the very best. I'm sure Boston and Cooper will have left me a few by then, too, and they are just as handsome.
ps.Oh, you should see some of the comments in his yearbooks. Zounds. He sang "When I Fall in Love" in a senior year concert and I think half the girls in his class wanted a private serenade...or his yearbook looks that way. Sorry ladies. I get to hear the shower variety whenever I want.

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Scott, Lisa, Austin and Allie said...

The kids look great and happy. We sure miss y'all, but it's great to see you enjoying such a wonderful family! When in Pocatello... :)