Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, June 16, 2008

Leslie Wonka

Leslie is super excited today because she got asked to play the role of Veruca Salt, the bossy rich girl on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, for our ward's float in the Lehi Roundup Days parade. She gets to wear lipstick, lots of curls, a pink dress and fur stole. (That is, if I can scrounge up enough scraps of Boston's old Big Bad Wolf costume.) The gal in charge chose Leslie to do the part because they actually look alot alike. She had a picture of the girl from the movie and Boston thought it WAS Leslie.
Father's day went well. Mark got to take a nap AND have a nice lasagna dinner with peaches n' cream pie for dessert. I gave him some pictures of the kids, (since I realized that we have, like, none.) Here are the results of my photo shoot. Don't they all have the most gorgeous blue eyes?
Saturday night we went on our first family venture into American Fork Canyon. We got this cool magazine a while back explaining all the fun places to go there. So we got a pizza (the kids were too hungry to wait for a campfire) and took it up to Tibble Creek Reservoir, a little mountain lake, where I figured we would picnic and Boston could throw rocks 'til the cows came home. I've been to little mountain lakes before, you see, and they are always pristine, serene, and have no chlorine. I knew just what to expect. There was one huge flaw in my expectations. I am from Montana. The Last Best Place. The Big Sky Country. Lots of square miles. No...ah... people.
Sigh. That poor little lake was like WalMart the day after Thanksgiving, but with dogs and smokers, too. The view was beautiful and it was nice to be out of the house, and those were the remarks I tried to limit myself to while in earshot of the children. They don't know any better. Boss didn't get to do much rock throwing because we were worried he'd take somebody out. It's a good thing we weren't counting on a campfire. Every picnic table within 10 miles was swarming. I had brought a picnic blanket, but was kind of dumb about the whole thing because I've forgotten that I now have three children. (My picnic blanket is the one Mark and I used for sunset picnics on campus before we were married.) So Mark sits down, Leslie sits down, Boston squeezes in, I get Coopy out of the stroller and then ... all three of them look up at me like, "So where were YOU going to sit?" It was pretty comical. There wasn't a square inch left. Coopy went back in his stroller and I sat on a big boulder with a gopher hole under it to feed the baby his jar of food. And everyone's crusts. I guess Leslie and I need to finally start cutting up the old jeans I've been saving for years. Time for a new blanket!

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Anonymous said...

Good job Leslie! I can't believe how much she looks like you! Happy Father's day to Mark..we had a similar dinner for Mike's day. You will have to post pictures of the float. I am curious to see Leslie as Veruca. I love that movie!