Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

House of Heavy

Boston was cute yesterday. The wind blew hard all afternoon. He hates wind. He won't go outside to play if there is any. (He would have had a miserable Montana childhood...) So, as we were enjoying the sunshine in our red room, he stands out the window at the tempest and muses, "We have a good house." I grin that he is realizing his blessings and agree with him. "Yes, Boss, we do. Our house keeps us safe and warm and dry. It takes good care of us." Boston nods happily, but then gets a little swagger as he walks over to the side window. He points his finger at the house next door and shakes his head. "That house...too heavy." Whatever that is supposed to mean. I need to go wake up Cooper but I am dreading it. The last month or two have been difficult with him. He doesn't want to play all nice and contented anymore, even if he is well rested and fed with lots of toys available. I think it's because he has entered his big time clingy stage. Mark paraphrases this stage by singing, "I only have!!!!" So we get lots of crankiness (both of us) and following me around, standing up and holding to my legs. I think he would love it if I just carried him around all day, in fact, I think this may even be his primary goal in life right now. I hope he goes back to pleasant, mellow baby soon.

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dna said...

ahhh, glad to know someone else is in the same boat as me! claire is the same exact way right now! as soon as she turned 1, all the sudden she only wants me and she wants me ALL THE TIME! it is sweet, but getting rather obnoxious :-)