Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dream Big....

We've been enjoying the fabulous weather in the evenings lately. (Afternoons are on the hot side now, but the kids have had plenty of sprinkler time. Sometimes they get two baths a day.) Sunday evening we went on our first official family bike ride. The air was warm, clear and bugless (that means perfect). The boys were good in their little trailer and Leslie rode a long way without complaining, over around some ponds by the Jordan River. It really felt like summer. I've been trying to cram in a lot of everyday summertime experiences for my kids to remember; things that we just do a lot when it's summertime and a little lazier. Going for walks and bike rides, making and eating homemade popsicles (we're on our third batch in two weeks), running through the sprinkler, playing baseball in the backyard. Trying to remember a few more that I did as a child, I even made a fake clothesline tent with some twine strung between my deck's stair post and fencepost. I'm sure everyone driving by thought we were total white trash with the orange and pink flowered bedsheets hanging over a clothesline in the backyard. The funny thing was that I didn't even have any clothespins so I had to use those metal and plastic paper clamps. But it made great shade, the kids played in it all morning and picnicked there for lunch, and when I laid inside the breeze came through, billowing the sheets and making that warm Downy+grass smell that made me just a little homesick for my own childhood. (Of course, to make it historically accurate, I really needed Jake or Duke to run by at full speed and douse me with a squirt gun.)
I decided not to let the kids have all the summertime fun, so I planned a fun date for Mark and I. We mooched off of neighboring city Saratoga Spring's splash days celebration by attending their free evening concert after the kids were tucked in bed and with a babysitter. It was Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband, a local strings-instrument band now nationally famous for their big hit last year, Dream Big. Some friends of ours were also there and reserved us prime picnic blanket spots. The concert was in a big park up in the Harvest Hills neighborhood, so while we watched the concert and the sunset, we could see Utah Lake a little and the lights of Lehi below us. Once again, the weather was fabulous and perfect (that means bugless). The music was great and every once in a while a stray balloon from one of the families around us would magically drift up to the stars. Sigh. It was beautiful and we stayed for the fireworks afterward. That part actually made me laugh because I am not used to watching fireworks with a big ole set of amps behind me, blaring out a soundtrack of classical music and patriotic songs. The only soundtrack I've ever heard while watching fireworks on the fourth was my grandma oohing and aahing with us grandkids (I'm sure she was so bored of our amazement by the end of the show) with frequent accompanying bug slaps ("there was one one your face. Honest.") up on airport hill over the tiny town of Choteau, MT on the 4th of July. It really threw me when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir came on at the end. The fireworks ended before the song, and I wasn't even sure if I should cheer or clap because I didn't know if that would be reverent! Living in Utah after 10 years still brings a few suprises.

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erica e said...

i love all the summertime fun. i'm glad you and mark aren't missing out on it and had a fun date night. sounds wonderful.