Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Big Parade

Here are some pictures of Leslie in her Veruca Salt costume, marching in the Lehi RoundUp Days Parade in our ward's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory float. Our float won best costumes award, so that was pretty cool. Leslie looked great but I think the Oompa Loompas won the judges over. She had a blast. Here's a shot of our homemade tent I mentioned before, and also a picture of Boston with the strawberries he helped pick last night. Our neighbor has a huge patch and had been gone for two weeks, so it was bursting. She called us to come pick as much as we wanted. The kids loved it and didn't even realize they could snack on them. We got a gallon ice cream bucket full and one of those pink hospital tubs they give you. The strawberries are really tiny and cute, like in old Victorian paintings. I made Strawberry Napoleons today. Tomorrow, maybe a pie with my rhubarb. Not much else is going on right now. I'm gritting my teeth going through the second worst part of parenthood with Boston right now. Potty training. (The worst part is the newborn sleep deprivation thing where you think you are going to die.) He has been so stubborn and belligerent about the whole thing. He yells and screams when I suggest a skip to the loo. I've pondered several times about why we as a society have to be so nicey nicey when we potty train. We are allowed to be strict with our kids with other things, but I somehow know I'm not allowed to spank him if he goes and hides in the toy room to do the job instead of where he should. We've tried everything, including bribery to the point of new toy cars for frequency and a chocolate Lindt truffle for a number 2. (You're starting to sense my desperation...) But one day this week he woke up and announced that he had to go, so I decided to try again in earnest. As my sister in law suggested, we got a horribly embarrassing and cringe-worthy Elmo video from library for him to watch, and the next day he agreed to wear underwear "like Elmo does". We quit diapers cold turkey. I realize that this method involves much more training of the parent than the child (you have to remember to take them if they aren't inclined to take themselves) but I had to start somewhere. The first day was flawless, without much argument from Boss. We even went to the movies with the kids. My spirits were soaring. The second day I remembered the whole one step forward, two steps back thing. I ask you, what child, except one who you are trying to potty train, has 4 poop jobs in one day?!? I only caught half of them. And now we are out of clean underwear, it's Sunday so I'm not going to the store or washing a load of bleach-soaked whites. So much for cold turkey. Wet turkey, maybe. We'll get back to the grindstone tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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Miranda said...

Leslie looks so cute! She is growing up so fast.