Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, May 19, 2008

Look at Cooper's sweet little trusting face. Like a sheep for the shearing. I was so sad for him to get his first haircut because I love how soft and feathery his hair is against my face, but Mark kept making mullet comments and insisted that the job get done. Plus Boston needed one really bad, too. So we decided that was a good pre-birthday activity. See the two of them checking out their new crews? I thought Cooper's was way too short, (I requested a missionary haircut, not a buzz, but I guess there isn't a difference, according to my manly husband) but I guess it will grow. We had kind of a laid back birthday since it was Sunday, and we had really wore ourselves out the day before. It was our Stake Preparedness Fair, and I entered some Lion House Picnic Brownies in the Dutch oven cookoff. (If you are wondering, they didn't really judge them or anything, just let everyone taste test. But mine was the only chocolate thing, so that counts for something.) Then Mark had two softball games and his team ended up winning the Stake Championship. It was fun for him but a disappointingly short season because there weren't very many teams. Then came dinner, haircuts, and we let Cooper play in my great big tub all by himself for his birthday adventure. Kind of lame for the rest of us, but not as bad as you might think because Boston had a bubble bath in his tub and the two of them were good for an entire hour. Ah, tranquility.
I let Cooper open his first present the next morning before church. It was (strategically) a new board book of barnyard animals. Leslie and Boston were so sweet and excited for him. They knelt across from him and were pointing out all the different pictures and saying the animal sounds, etc. They were knelt in a little triangle, all three heads together, laughing and smiling. ( I of course, was doing neither of those less mushy emotions.) I am just so grateful that we have been able to have all three children and weren't forced to stop at one. I heard once that the greatest assets you can give your children are brothers and sisters.
We had a little party that night with Grandpa and Grandma Day. I made a last minute menu change from Sunbeam chocolate cake to white chocolate strawberry because we discovered this week that Cooper loves strawberries. He and Boston have been eating them like candy, and they are so cheap right now. I made two batches of strawberry freezer jam this week. Cooper messed up our family tradition by not wanting to blow out his candle with a whistle/bendy straw. But he was all about the cake. He ate almost the entire piece and just kicked his legs against his highchair in delight the entire time.

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erica e said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! What a cute little bunch of kiddos yall have! It was fun to hear about his special day.