Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

We are safely past the so-called seven year itch and this week celebrated our "Nine is Fi-i-ine" anniversary on Thursday. It also happened to be our ward's temple night (all three local teenagers were busy, as usual, and so should have been our neighbors). My sister Brooke deserted me to go to Texas for the summer, and her replacement, my brother Duke, has not yet arrived. Mark's sister's basement flooded and his brother's family was fixing up their fixer upper. (I'm imagining Boston with a hammer or wet paint...) We couldn't get ahold of Mark's parents (they were probably at the temple as well?) and it was looking kind of grim for our plans. But Mark's partner and his pregnant wife and their three kids saved the day, so we got to go out after all. And of course, Mark spoiled me, as usual. He came home way early from work (bonus #1) carrying, count them, five brightly colored gift bags. He spread them out all over the room so I "couldn't peek at one while I was opening the other." (While I watched I was relieved that I had last-minute decided to bake him some cookies that were still in the oven...) In each bag was some form of chocolate (Symphony Bars, bon bons, Pepperidge farm) and clothes from Kohl's. Everything fit, even the pants, and was color and style coordinated! This is extra funny to me because for the last eight years he has stubbornly refused to buy me clothes because our first year he bought me this ugly granny sweater for Christmas and I returned it. He is just so very charming. Then we went out to Mimi's for dinner where he insisted I eat half of his dinner since I didn't like mine as much as I thought I would. Then we went across the street to Barnes & Noble and he lounged around the business section while I scoured the bargain tables. He bought me a couple even though I just recently went to a $1 book sale at the library and have this enormous stack on my shelf, unread.
We had a nice ride in the car reminiscing about some of our favorite married moments. His were, of course, the important ones of the birth of our children and moving and our travels. Mine were more emotion ridden: PRIDE--when we were newlyweds and he got called up on stage at a comedy show and they tried to make him look dumb by making him translate something into French unwittingly and of course he oolala-ed them all and all the girls were screaming about my sexy husband. LAUGHING TIL I CRIED--when Leslie was a baby and we went on our first all day date up in Montana in all most a year and it was skiing and I seriously had no idea how bad of a skier Mark is even though he is so athletic at everything else and how much better I was that I seriously laughed at him all day long (for some reason this wasn't one of his favorite memories...). CRYING TIL I LAUGHED--when we were finishing our basement and I was hugely pregnant with Cooper and he was trying to show me his sketch of his plans for the toy room and Leslie's loft and I didn't get it and started bawling and couldn't stop crying even though I knew how utterly ridiculous and hilarious and hormonal I was being and then we couldn't stop laughing. Here's to the next 9 million years together. It will be a great adventure.


erica e said...

Happy 9th! You guys are great!

Beam Family said...

Wow, 9 years. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Here's to many more memories