Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good Buddies. But are they best of friends?

Do you guys remember that "Good Buddies" jingle from the old Siskel & Ebert commercials? That's what my two boys make me think of. I'm heavily promoting the best of friends stance in this household, so here are some pictures that hopefully they can enjoy as they get older. The first Boston wanted to push Cooper in the cart. The second one they were just playing under the table after breakfast. The third one was today. Boston was playing peekaboo by hiding behind the high chair and popping out. They were both laughing hysterically, but the funny part to Mark and me was that Boston couldn't quite remember that "peekaboo" was the proper term to use for that game. He was jumping out and shouting, "Stinkypoo! Stinkypoo!" I've just really made it a goal as a mother that I want to teach my boys to be close. (I'm even seriously considering hanging a picture of Joseph and Hyrum Smith in their room when they start sharing a room.) I was so touched by the article in this month's Ensign about Elder Cook and his brother sitting down privately together as teenage boys to decide if they were going to serve missions (and defy their inactive father) or if it would be better to spend those two years on something else. Obviously, they made the right decision. I would hope that my boys would be close enough to influence each other that much for good.
Wasn't conference so good? Those talks were masterful. I need to get some vinyl letters on or next to my front door that say, "The Storm Stops Here." ( I was also gratified to see that the tulips on Temple Square are not yet blooming either.)


erica e said...

I love these pictures of your boys. What a wonderful mother you are! Sometimes with all the diapers and whining and day to day ins and outs of little ones I forget to think about the bigger picture and how I can help them as the grow up and get ready to go on missions and enter the real world. Thanks, always, for your good example.

Brandon said...

Miranda says...
They are soooo cute! They will have so much fun growing up together. I have to say amen to Erica on the wonderful mother thing, you really are such a good example!

elshmobelsh said...

It is so fun that they are so close! I loved "stinkypoo!" Thanks for sharing all your great ideas! Maybe I'll see if I can find a picture of Joseph and Hyrum for my boys too. I love that they love to wrestle and play together.

Thanks also for sharing your thoughts on that scripture class you had. I shared some thoughts from it for VT this month and (I hope you don't mind) emailed the whole blog entry to my companion who was interested in reading it. I love that I have friends who uplift me! I learn so much from you!

Oh, and one last thing. Sorry, I just start writing these things and I can't stop. I have used your recipe for "Roast from a Ranchers Daughter" so many times. I made it for the missionaries last week and even my gravy turned out. ;o) There is a better cook in this world because of you Jackie!