Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Detour for the Easter Bunny

We left on Wednesday to head up to Montana for Easter weekend. I was a little panicky when we hit Idaho Falls and I realized that I had left all of Cooper's super-whammy cleft palate bottles at home, but we bought a pack of cheap bottles at a Safeway in Dillon at 11:30 at night and clipped off the ends with a nail clipper. He was pretty mad that night but was eating fine by morning.
We had a great time on the farm. Leslie was a wildwoman with the four wheelers and Boston was completely enamored with the cats and feeding the cows. We went down by the barn the first day we were there and my Dad let Boss feed a calf some oats. After they were poured into the correct trough, Boston waved at the calf and said, "Come on calfie, come eat yo' breffast!" (It was almost dinner.) Mom did a fun egg hunt for the kids on Saturday and on Sunday Mark and I sang in church. This was a last minute request to me. We were planning on Mark singing and I was to accompany, but my Dad found out the plan and not-so-politely requested that I needed to sing to because he hadn't heard me sing in years. So we did and it was fine. I didn't even cry. Here are some fun pictures.
1. Boston on the 4 Wheeler.
2. My Dad showing the kids a bear paw (and there was a head hanging from the rafters) .
3.Leslie plugging her nose at the branding smoke at my Grandpa Happy Jack's place. She thought it was a fun day, though.
4. Jake branding and Duke and Mark pushing calves. Mark had a great time but was a little bruised up.
5. Leslie riding a calf in the shute.


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Romney Family said...

Jackie~ hey I got your blog from Adrianne's. It was fun to see your growing little family!!! You guys sure are cute!! Jessie (smith)