Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, February 29, 2008

They give Federal Funding for 2-Year-olds, right?

The Boston Disaster list (current edition)
1. A few days ago: He snuck out of his room while we were downstairs and thought he was asleep. He went into our bathroom and smeared his entire pajama suit with a gloppy coat of toothpaste. We don't know why he didn't try to paint anything else, and since we figure this was an extremely easy cleanup, considering, we called it a good day.
2. Day before yesterday: He fished my unplugged, recently used curling iron out of the basin of the sink where I thought it was safely cooling, out of reach. Yes, we had hand burns.
3. Today: After I came out of my room from feeding Cooper, I saw an empty Dimeatapp bottle with the lid off and Boston swigging out of Leslie's water cup in the bathroom. Luckily, the cup had water in it before he mixed this little Grape Cooler for himself. He said, "Mom, look! I do it myself!" We called poison control and they said it was no big deal even if he had drunk half a bottle of that stuff, which he didn't. I guess that's a good one to keep around the house!
4. As we were watching for possible side effects, I looked out the window and noticed a lake in my garden and yard. I thought it was from the quickly melting snow until I saw the geyser coming from the faucet out there. Apparently "somebody" had been fooling with the spigot sometime this winter when they were out playing and since everything was frozen and unresponsive, considered it not worth turning off. I dashed out there in my galoshes with the baby flung into the carseat (you think I'm dumb enough to leave him alone with Hurricane Boston????) and turned it off.


Beam Family said...

Sounds like you have your hands full. Aren't the "twos" so much fun?

Downey said...

When you have a girl first, you are lulled into a false sence of easy parenting. Boy can rock your world! But they are still so cute.

erica ernstrom said...

these are great stories! boston sounds like quite the handful. sometimes all you can do is take a deep breath tell yourself that you are sure to laugh about it SOMEDAY.

elshmobelsh said...

Hi Jackie!

It was fun to read about Boston's adventures. One day he'll have one just like himself and you'll just have to be there to empathize with his poor wife. ;o)

I loved what you wrote about the scripture reading. I copied it to a word doc. Thanks for sharing! There was a lot of stuff there I could be better at!

We miss you guys! Tell Mark hi!