Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Prancing down the Court

We did much better at Leslie's game last night (it wasn't during dinner). She seems to really enjoy herself although she has yet to make a basket. My favorite part is watching her skip, gallop, or prance to the other side of the court instead of just running. What a GIRL! Of course, I have vivid memories of my tomboy sister Darcy galloping about everywhere she went, so I guess there is still hope for some kind of sports skill.
She turned seven on Sunday. I'll post pictures later. After her outrageous party last year (she got more toys from her friends than most kids get their whole childhood) I told her that she only gets a party on the even years, and the odd years we would celebrate with a modest family party and a family adventure. The family adventure was way fun. We decided to go to Soldier Hollow on Saturday (where they held the triathlon in the Olympics) to their tube run. Man did I feel lazy getting towed up the hill on a tube. It was great. I would highly recommend as a family activity. (We did leave Boss and Coops with the sitter; Boss hates sledding right now. This could not possibly come from my side of the family.)
Boston managed his revenge, though. On Sunday when Leslie got done with opening her gifts (mostly books and clothes this year--sigh, she's growing up) we looked around for Boston. While we were distracted he had pulled a barstool up to the counter where the sprinkle bedecked chocolate bundt cake was waiting on a platter, just for him. Oh yes he did. Hands flat on the counter, licking off all the frosting like a little puppy. One of my friends later asked if he got in trouble and I realize that he didn't. We just cleaned him up (and the cake.) We were laughing too hard to discipline him.


erica ernstrom said...

What a good mom you are to just laugh off the cake situation! You are a better mom than me! But I've always known that and have just tried to follow your good example.

Beam Family said...

Wow, is Leslie 7 already. I can't believe that. We love reading your updates and hope Cooper is doing well after his surgery!