Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Front tooth mithin'? Thatth FIIIINE for Kithin'!

After much blood, sweat, and tears, Leslie has joined the ranks of the toothless wonders. Her lisp is so adorable. And I think it may be no coincidence that she has recently learned to whistle. Mark and I took turns trying to yank it after Leslie had exhausted her resources. I won. Mark says it's because I'm the mean parent. I'll take that as a compliment.
This morning I made Mark and Leslie some heart shaped Valentine's buttermilk pancakes with homemade carmel syrup for breakfast. (Mark always has a breakfast meeting on Thursdays, so today was my only chance.) Boston got a Mickey Mouse shaped pancake complete with chocolate chip nose and eyes since he couldn't care less about the whole heart thing. (Actually, Mark probably couldn't care less either, but it made me feel cute and he appreciated a hot breakfast.) Let's just say everyone felt loved.
To add to my Mrs. Cleaver persona today, I've been sewing some lovely curtains for Mark's new office. I actually got a man (yes, it was Mark) to go into the Home Fabrics store with me yesterday, and HE picked out the fabric and style. His new office has two walls of windows, and the decorator suggested that curtains would fancy it up a bit. I agree. I'm also no dummy. I'm only sewing the outer panels (two). The inner panels are coordinating and very store bought. To buy a standard 7 ft long curtain set costs about $40. If you want 8 ft long it's $450. I think we spent about $85 bucks yesterday to cover 24 feet of window. So, wifey saves the day and I must say the curtains are looking great. (And I got to go shopping in the middle of cabin fever season.)
I hope everyone was able to hear the worldwide broadcast about the family on Saturday. Mark and I were both very impressed and motivated to have better patterns in our home. By the way, if we end up with six kids, no one is allowed to call me crazy. I am to be "celebrated."

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erica ernstrom said...

leslie looks all growed up! good job on the curtains! mark is lucky to have such a thrifty, industrious wife!
we were at a funeral saturday so we missed the broadcast. sounds good though. maybe we can get it online?