Days 2017

Days 2017

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ode to the Crispy Conifer

There's a song that goes, "I cry the day we take the tree down.". I don't but I think my vacuum would like to. That poor thing was snowing needles with every ornament removal. Speaking of, it sure is great to have a six year old who loves to do that sort of thing. All I had to mess with were a few knotted threads and the lights. This vacation has been great because it really has been a vacation for me with Leslie home to be at my every beck and call. Yesterday she sorted all the laundry, emptied the dishwasher, swept, undecorated the tree, set the table twice, made two beds and her own lunch and entertained one or the other of her cranky brothers. And she didn't complain or ask for money. Ahhh. It's so great to be out of the "trenches" with at least one of my children. I'm so sad for her to go back to school tomorrow. She is excited to see her friends again. All vacation she has been planning this little three week long singing club for Monday afternoons. I've been super impressed with how much initiative she's been taking with the whole thing, so I'm going to go ahead and let her do it. She made invitations, made a song list, and has plans to make props and dances, etc. Mark did notice a little hitch in her plans that I haven't yet dealt with. The songs she wants to do are on this soul CD that starts off with Aretha Franklin's RESPECT. I haven't really paid attention to the other ones she wanted to teach the girls, but she was singing one of them for Mark. It goes like this: Turn the lights down, it's time to get romantic! It's going to be fun to explain why that might be a little too grown up for her and her friends to sing. Especially since she doesn't know what the word romantic means. When she sings it comes out "Bromaddick."
Boston and Cooper are doing well. Boston is adjusting to Cooper actually having an opinion about which toys he wants to play with. Boston's new favorite phrase is "My turn now!"
I'm dreading tomorrow also because Mark is returning to a full day's work. It's been so fabulous to have him actually take off a whole week. We even went to a mattinee with no kids. National Treasure. It was about the Presidents book of secrets and I thought, I want my own book of secrets. Then I thought, maybe I could just buy an empty book and write, "Book of Secrets" on it and hide it somewhere to give Leslie a thrill, because that's about all that would be in it. The good secrets are always about money, power, and lineage, and hey, I'm not hiding any of that stuff!!

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Meghan said...

Leslie sounds like such a great helper to have around. Maddex is also getting more helpful and self-sufficient. About the pine needles; I now use tape to pick up the majority of them before I vacuum because I once clogged my vacuum with pine needles and had to have it serviced! Happy New Year.