Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, January 21, 2008

Day Four

Cooper's surgery went well. We are embarrassed to admit that we had things a little confused. He didn't actually have a bone graft this time--that is for when he is 6. The doctor did (with lots of slicing and dicing) close up the flesh of his hard palate. (I guess we had it mixed up because we didn't realize you could close it up without a bone graft.) He also reconnected the muscles in his soft palate so he will be able to speak properly. The surgery took a little under three hours and basically looked like a train wreck in his mouth. Lots of gore. It was especially painful for him to swallow for the first 10 hours or so later, even under morphine. After that he was able to sleep relatively peacefully. (I was wishing for a little morphine myself to help me sleep on the recliner/cot midst all the beeping and crying.) The room was much nicer this time, though, and we had it all to ourselves. The next morning they were really hoping for him to try to eat something so he could go onto a different painkiller. I had armed myself with a box of oatmeal baby cereal, a nice baby spoon (not nearly as scary or invasive as a bottle) and added some warm pear juice. My little trooper ate a huge bowl and the nurses were amazed. So, as long as we could use a spoon, we had no problem reaching the intake requirements for us to leave the hospital even a night early. Of course, the middle of the first night home I was freaking out, wondering what we were thinking bringing him home early because he had developed a fever. But we called the hospital and they said that was normal, so we got to stay home and it went away the next day. His pain has seemed much diminished and he hasn't had a painkiller at all for about twelve hours now. Now the biggest challenge is keeping him hydrated and in clean clothes because he has developed a horrible case of diarrhea and throwing up, brought on by? The anesthesia? The antibiotics? Hospital flu germs? Poor kid. At least his mouth seems almost normal and he is pretty much able to take a bottle again, even if it is full of Pedialyte. It's been so great to have Mark home an extra day today to help. Boston needs the extra attention. I guess he's been watching us give Coops his meds, so of course when he reached up to the counter and found an empty, fully extended medicine syringe, he tried to shove the whole thing down Cooper's throat. How does anyone who is not a single child ever survive into adulthood??!!

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erica ernstrom said...

I'm glad to hear that the surgery went well. Doesn't really sound like it was a walk in the park though. What a tough little guy! And what a tough mommy you have to be too to see your baby go through all this. I'm also glad to hear that Boston is wanting to be a helping big brother. He's got good intentions!