Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

California Snowgirls

Cooper is doing much better. He is still a little cranky when I try to feed him his solid meals (not so much from anything hurting, more just psychological now from having been force fed.) But the bottle is going great, which is a big relief. I wasn't sure that he would take it at all. His sleep patterns are a little messed up right now, but I can deal with that.
We've been enjoying lots of snow, as you can see. This is Boston's first snowman (well, girl, since that's the kind of accessories we have at our house.)
I also finished a nine-patch throw quilt that was from a fun Civil War quilt block exchange one of my friends hosted. Ta Da! Mothers of three can accomplish things once in a while.
I decided to suck it up and haul both boys to Leslie's basketball game last night. I was feeding Cooper his cereal while he was strapped in the stroller and Boston was howling every few minutes, every time the buzzer went off. At several points I had one on each knee, screaming. But hey, LESLIE KNEW WE WERE THERE! And I guess that's the important part.


Meghan said...

The 9 patch quilt looks awesome! I still haven't decided what to do with mine.

erica ernstrom said...

i LOVE your 9 patch! I haven't decided what to do with mine yet either BUT I love what you did. Great job! You are a super mom, aren't you?

Michelle said...

Wow, such an inspiration to think that ONE day, I may have 3 long as Maddy is as good of a helper as Leslie.
Glad Cooper's coming along on the eating.
Quilt looks great 100% completed, we'll have to have a project day soon...maybe March??