Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bubble gum ice cream ala bucket

Yesterday was Leslie's class' Christmas program. The night before we had gone down to the BYU art museum and then out for ice cream. She had an enormous bowl of bubble gum ice cream. When we were all expressing our astonishment that she had finished the whole thing, I noticed that there was nothing in her mouth. "What did you do with the gum?" "Oh. I guess I ate it."
So that morning she woke up with a horrible stomach ache. I didn't really want to send her to school, but she would have been so heartbroken to miss her program. And she said she felt better after breakfast. You all know where this is going. We went to the program and right in the middle of her reader's theater, Arthur's Christmas, right where Arthur decides to get Santa some BUBBLE GUM ICE CREAM, (what are the odds?) Leslie starts to heave. Her teacher handed her the trash and she turned it bright blue. Her teacher figured it was just nerves and actually let her finish the program. We brought her home after that and she and Boss watched TV the rest of the day.[Interruption. Boston just procured a bottle of sprinkles and was trying to decorate the ottoman.]
Last night I went to a fireside given by Miss Utah, Jill Stevens. She is kind of the favorite to win Miss America--she is in the Natl. Guard and served as a combat nurse in Afghanistan and has been interviewed on all the talk shows, etc. She also is the only contestant wearing a one piece bathing suit and an evening gown with sleeves. Anyway, I usually don't watch pageants but I think I will tune in for hers at the end of January on TLC.
I'm also enjoying this season very much--it seems that I'm finally figuring out how to not be so stressed in the month of December. It's so fun to get all the Christmas cards and neighbor gifts and to wrap presents while Leslie is at school. Speaking of, I have a few more to get to...

Friday, December 7, 2007

The "Easy" Button

This morning Mark made the observation that Cooper's new mouthpiece was looking a little crooked and not very snug to his mouth. And he was still screaming every time we tried to feed him. Sure guessed little trooper Cooper swallowed ANOTHER nail. We took a picture, emailed it to the surgeon and I rushed him to the emergency room for an Xray. Again.
However, Someone (this means with a capital S) has been pushing my easy button today. We got to the emergency room and I had to change Cooper's diaper. There was the nail, so no Xray. I asked the lady at the desk if she gets many "oops, nevermind"s. She said, yeah, actually about once a day. He must have swallowed it the night of the surgery and that sharp edged plate has been swinging around his mouth on the one nail. Poor kid.
So then we still had to take him to the Primary children's emergency room because his mouthpiece was now a horrible choking hazard. The surgeon came, looked at it and said, "You know, this just isn't working out for you guys, is it?" We agreed and he took it out in about five seconds. Here's the next BIG easy button. He told us that since this way wasn't working, he is going to push up Cooper's next two surgeries (the one in April and the major bone graft the year after that, when he would be a rambunctious two year old) combine them in one surgery and do the whole shebang in January. When he is still a baby who likes to sleep a lot.
So then we sat down right there and he totally chug-a-lugged about ten ounces. (He usually eats six). He probably was thinking, "Hey mom! You finally got the recipe right! Milk but HOLD the pain!"
Not many people leave the emergency room at Primary Children's Hospital ecstatic. Relieved maybe, but not ecstatic. It's also a great blessing that Cooper is such a big baby. He is twenty pounds now, as big as a one year old and I can't help but think that must have influenced the doctors decision.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Gateway to a Mother's Peace of Mind

All went well with Cooper's surgery. It was much less traumatic this time--less bloody, etc. The big trick now is to get him to eat, because he starts screaming if anyone so much as points a bottle his direction. (And of course, according to any medical person who ever gives you advice, letting your baby have the slightest chance of getting dehydrated is about the worst possible abuse you could inflict as a parent. The guilt is laid on very thick.) So, not counting the fact that my child is a veritable elephant with chipmunk cheeks full of nuts for winter, etc., I must force feed him ridiculous amounts of fluid or the end of the world is nigh. Always a miserable experience for both of us. I can't imagine what it would be like if I didn't have my handy dandy squirt gun bottle. Luckily, all that screaming and pain medication help him sleep a little more. I did get him to gulp down two bowls of very runny cereal this morning, so apparently spoons are more comfortable than bottles. However, I'm worried that if I forego the bottle altogether he will never take one again and I will be forced to ladle all of his fluids until the end of time.
Okay, I'm done with my exaggerated ranting. But it sure is a rotten trick when the gateway to a mother's peace of mind (the mouth!) is closed for construction.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Iron Man

Our crazy 3 party weekend is over and I'm ready to start Christmassing. We go to cut the tree tonight. Cooper gave us a bit of a scare Friday evening (why am I cursed to only have medical emergencies on Friday evening? Not that I want them more often or anything...) I'd finished feeding him and he sneezed several times in a row, then started gagging badly. I rushed over and pulled out a big oval pink plastic thingie--his prosthetic mouthtop! (the one I thought was screwed in. Turns out the screws are only nails.) So he will be going back to Primary Children's to get it replaced either Wednesday or Friday. We are assuming that it will be a no-big-deal outpatient procedure. The extra scary part was that when I pulled it out, only one of the two nails was to be found. We luckily got ahold of his surgeon right away through email (he probably worries that we are sue happy...) and he told us to take him in for Xrays. Sure enough, our baby swallowed a nail the size of a carpet tack. By the time the X rays were taken it had already moved along past the worrisome areas in the trachea, etc., and now we are waiting for it to make the return trip. This too shall pass... He slept horribly Saturday night and of course I was assuming the worst, but now he seems comfortable enough. We'll keep everyone posted.