Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Their song's all wrong...

To the tune of Rascall Flatts' Prayin' for Daylight
by Jackie Day, mother of three.

When they ever gonna sleep all thru the night? Ooooooooh.

I've got the dishes done, the kitchen swept
The front room TV's on.
Two kids are whinin', baby's cryin'
Yeah, the evenin's gettin' long.


Prayin' for bedtime
Time to get those jammies on.
I'll read 'em "Once upon a time..."
They'll start to yawn.
Babe, I can't wait to be a wife
Not "just" a mom.
Ah. Alone at that a crime?
Prayin' for bedtime!

I may sound bitter singin' that
my little angels are a chore.
They're really not--I love 'em.
It's just that...I LOVE THEIR DADDY MORE!


Prayin' for bedtime
Time to get those jammies on.
I'll read 'em "Once upon a time..."
They'll start to yawn.
Babe I can't wait to be a wife
Not "just" a mom.
Hey Rascall Flatts--your prayer ain't mine!
Prayin' for bedtime. (Prayin' for bedtime.)
Prayin' for bedtime.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Oobleck and 6 things about me

I'm actually writing this because I am procrastinating looking online for a coloring picture of a castle to use in Leslie's first grade class. Every Friday they do something called Fairytale Friday. I'm supposed to host it four times this year and my first time is tomorrow. I'm reading them Dr. Seuss's Bartholomew and the Oobleck and talking about imaginary words like Muggle, Quidditch, Oobleck, Lorax, and Jabberwocky. Then they get to color a picture of a castle and rain some colored-glue Oobleck on the picture, naming it whatever they want to. I'm nervous about the whole craft project thing--NOT my strong point. Reading a story will be fine--I can even do accents. Anyway, I'll be glad when it's over. Anyone have any ideas for the other three times I have to do this? The rest of us are fine here. Cooper has been super cute lately (as always) and has started to say Mamamama. I don't think he knows what it means, but I'm enjoying it anyway. Mark and I tried to go on a date last night to the newly opened Cheesecake Factory in Sandy. There was a two hour wait (and it was only Wednesday...) so we bagged it and went to Red Lobster. Poor me. I'm so spoiled with a husband who wants to take me out every week and who has an assistant who will babysit evenings while her husband is in class.
My friend Michelle tagged me on her blog that I am supposed to write six things about my self that not many people know, if any. Hmmm. I'm a pretty open book so this might be difficult.
1. My Mom taught me how to do long addition and subtraction before I started kindergarten and I would stay up in bed after lights out doing problems that she had made up for me. Either that or reading through the stacks of old Reader's Digests that were stored in my bedroom then for some reason.
2. I have this secret fantasy of wishing I had been the lead drummer in high school. Every time "Takin' Care of Business" comes on the radio I am totally jamming out in the car, with visions of being the preppy girl drummer that took everyone by surprise.
3. The naughtiest thing I did in high school was to go visit a boy from far away who was at a local speech meet. Naughty because I took the car and told my mom I was going to watch my friend Jennifer's performance. Well, I did that too... Big whoop.
4. I am a bird-o-phobe. (Don't know the technical term for this...) Especially chickens. We butchered our own growing up and I remember my brothers chasing me around with cut off chicken feet or squirting quill pus at me.
5. I have been almost legally married to both of my brothers. My dad was a branch president and was nervous about performing a marriage ceremony for a couple in our branch, so he practiced on us kids.
6. I think it would be cool to have six kids. On a bad day it's five. Maybe this comes from being a genealogist and seeing how many kids people used to have in their families, decreasing by one every generation. I would like to reverse that trend and go for six since Mark and I both come from families of five.
Bonus (since I obviously like to talk about myself too much...) I am an old soul, quite literally. I am the eldest child, grandchild, and great grandchild on my Mom's side of the family. Possibly great great and so on until the beginning of time, but I really haven't checked
Adrianne, you're it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


We had a fun Halloween week. My folks decided to come down and stay for the weekend before. It was so fun to see Boston and Grandpa play so rowdy the whole time. Here are some shots. (Boston is trying to pull of Grandpa's socks.)
Monday we went to a big Halloween party. Boston loved getting to dress up. He was a tiger, Leslie was a witch, Cooper was a little punkin', I was his punkin' farmer, and Mark was Indiana Jones. On Halloween Boston saw Leslie getting dressed up for school, took off his own regular clothes and came in, "Where's MY raahhrr?" (His rahr is his tiger suit.) So he got to wear it all day. After school we carved a "Jack-u-lantern" (Leslie was getting a little mixed up with her pumpkin words and vampire words.) The trick or treating went well. It was Boston's first time and he was tickled pink. Still being a small boy took its toll after having to climb up and down so many porch steps. He was SO tired by the time we made it around the block that he was dawdling in the middle of the street and driving Leslie crazy by taking so long. He was pretty possessive of that candy, though. He wouldn't let me hold his bucket or carry him. Tough little tiger.