Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leslie the Great

The dust is starting to settle around here (well, yes, literally....) and I am starting to feel slightly normal. You know, cooking dinner regularly, going for walks with my kangaroo pouch on, only waking up once in the night. So we decided to designate this Sunday as baby blessing day and are hosting a brunch at our house. Mark insists that I am not allowed to cook anything so I insisted that we must have atleast Krispy Kremes there to make it one notch up from the usual "Elder's Quorum help-someone-move" fare. Mark is hoping and praying that our basement will be done so he can show everyone his man cave, etc. They are finishing the painting today and the carpet, maybe tomorrow. We got brave on the paint colors, bright blue for the main areas and pale green in the bedrooms.
Then, to add to the insanity that we are piling on ourself, we decided we didn't want to be bored this 4th of July (I am of the opinion that any 4th of July without a motorboat or a rodeo is extremely boring. Montana trumps Utah on this one by far.) we are hosting a neighborhood barbecue in the backyard. Then Mark has this plan to sneak into this gated community in Pleasant Grove where all these castle-ish mansions are and watch their private fireworks show, supposedly better than the infamous Stadium of Fire. We'll see.
On Saturday Leslie is going to march/ride in the Lehi Roundup Days parade. Our ward has a float with a circus theme and she is going to be dressed like an acrobat. She has a great cape.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful bo-oy...

My neighbor Ashley is a professional photographer. I had mentioned to her that I wanted some extra nice shots of Cooper for his baby pictures so he will like the way he looked even before his surgery. She was a doll and gave me a free photo session and the copyrights as a baby gift. Cooper's skin is pinking out nicely (bye bye jaundice). His eyes are turning a very pretty dark blue and his hair is quite brown. Maybe we'll have a little brunette in the family? I think he looks great but Boston still calls him "Cuckoo". That's no big deal, though. He calls Leslie "yeh-yes." It's really funny when he says, "NO, Yeh-yes!" He was pretty panicked the other day when I took all three kids shopping for the first time. I put Cooper in first and took Cooper out first, usually Boston's order. Boss was hollering at me, "Me mEE! Me MEEE!" like he thought I was forgetting him in the car. It was pretty funny.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Dog, the Goose, and the Turnips

Monday was my first full day alone and without help. (Leslie indignantly reminds me that she was helping!!) It wasn't too bad. Everyone that needed a nap got one, including me. I even did the family home evening lesson. I realized, however, that for the next while my life is going to be like that old crossing the river riddle. You know, the one with the farmer who has only one rowboat and has to cross the river with his dog, his goose, and his vegetables that he is taking to the market. He can't leave the dog with the goose or the goose with the vegetables, etc. Well, those are my kids right now. Except in my analogy the vegetables are also noisy. It's been pretty comical. I haven't decided which one Boston is, the goose maybe? I tried leaving him by himself and while he was alone he pulled one of the electrical sockets out of the wall by the nightlight that was plugged into it. He loves to do this "shock and awe" attack where he runs up and thumps the baby's feet while I'm feeding him and then runs away before I can yell at him. And I kept finding army toys he had thrown down into the pack and play for the baby. Great. He calls them his "guys". Uncle Duke, who is living in Provo for the summer, got them for him the other day. He's got my house all figured out. He walks in, shows the kids the toys, and says, "Let's go open them in the Red Room so we don't have to clean up the mess!" All in all, though, my house has stayed pretty clean, even with the new arrival. Thanks to my mom, mostly.
Cooper had his consultation at Primary Children's. His first surgery will be in August, fixing his lip. Then they'll do the soft palate next spring and the hard palate between 2 and 3. He'll have to wear a retainer-type appliance most of thissummer that helps move his palate together a little. It will look bad because it will be taped to his cheeks, but hopefully Cooper will enjoy it. (I hear most babies suck on them like binkies, so that's encouraging...Cooper loves the binky but we have to hold it in his mouth for him. This retainer may just be a version of what Mark has mentioned to me several times with our other kids--a binky with duct tape.) Right now Cooper only has one binky--those green hospital ones are supposed to be the easiest for him and of course, they were all sold out at WalMart--this IS Utah County, you know. So...if anyone is running errands and happens to notice that they've restocked, pick us up a few more.