Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Super Cooper

Yes, our baby is here. Early hours Friday morning Mark took me to the hospital with some pretty strong contractions. They measured me at a three and a half and told me I had one hour to progress. The pressure was on! So we walked and walked. And nothing happened. So they gave me some drugs to sleep and sent us home. The contractions were still coming strong the next morning. I got breakfast in bed and then went to my already scheduled checkup after lunch. The nurse noted that my blood pressure was up and said, matter of factly, well, it's because you are laboring. The doctor came in, measured me at a five, and told me to just mosey across the street to the hospital so he could break my water. I progressed pretty fast after that, pushed for about five or ten minutes and out came Cooper! Everyone was guessing his weight...8lbs 6? 8 lbs 14? Nope! Nine lbs even. And believe it or not, I feel like I'm recovering more quickly than with my other midget babies. (8lbs 8 and 8lbs 10.)
Cooper has a cleft lip and cleft palate on the left side. We knew about the lip for sure from the ultrasound, but were waiting to see if his palate would be intact. Well, it's not, so he can't breastfeed, but I'm starting to get into the groove of this bottle thing and enjoying the freedom and flexibility of not being his "sole provider". Mark used to say that when he tried to take care of Leslie screaming in the night, he felt like he was going to war without a gun. Well, no more excuses for him! And I get to walk around and give orders while feeding the baby at the same time. One difficult change, though, is that I have to use both hands. I tried to eat one of these gourmet chocolate chip cookies that my VTs brought me while I was feeding Cooper today, and the poor baby got crumbs all over his head. My chin holding the bottle upright was just not working well.
We'll be meeting with Cooper's surgery team at Primary Children's Hospital soon. So far we think he will probably have his first surgery, repairing the lip, at about 9 weeks, hopefully that soon because he is a big baby and eating well. Then the palate repairs will start a few months after that. I think he will look alot like Mark when all is said and done.
Cooper has been very well behaved so far--no turning blue from screaming like Boston did or howling all night like Leslie. His biggest problem is staying awake while eating.
Leslie LOVES getting to hold the baby and has been a huge help already--Cooper seems very comfy in her arms. Boston loves the baby but has to do so from a distance. (yeah. He tried to bean him with a windshield scraper yesterday. We've been telling him there's a new sheriff in town, but we didn't think he'd be ready for the showdown quite so soon...)
I'm feeling great and both Mark and I really appreciate all the offers of help we've been getting. Thanks so much!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Jackie the slow-cooker

I'm feeling a little like a crock pot. I'm hot all the time and it's taking forever for this kid to get done. Yes, I know that technically I have ten days left. And I know that with my third child, I know better than to believe the doctor when he says I'm dilated to a three on Friday (many women already have their epidurals by then) and should be in labor any minute. Ha. I'm related to my mother. Heck, with Boston, I spoke in church with contractions ten minutes apart and they still had to induce me 2 weeks later. Oh well. Other than that and the newly developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand, im feeling great. I had several people ask me yesterday how I was feeling and that I must be pretty miserable, etc., but honestly I still feel great. I' m even sleeping well, albeit, with no covers and a fan going on full blast. I even planted my garden Saturday and have the sore hamstrings to show for it.
Mark spoiled me good for mothers' day. As always. He had a maid service come and do floors and bathrooms for me on Friday. (NOT that they needed it--like I said, I've felt pretty good! However, with the contractions and the fumes and the carpal tunnel, it was pretty easy not to feel guilty about letting someone else clean my house. Plus, he warned me a week in advance not to clean anything--just let it get dirty.)
Then Sunday morning when we woke up he says, with a hint of a groan in his voice, "So. Whaddaya want for breakfast?" I just laughed and said, "How about YOU feed the kids and I'll just get my own breakfast." It was great. He didn't have to break a sweat and I got to finish my cereal before it got soggy. Then for lunch I got just what I wanted, leftover spinach pie and leftover chocolate cake. He fed the kids leftover pizza. Everyone was happy.
This morning's breakfast was also funny. You know that Bill Cosby segment that goes, "Dad is great! Gives us chocolate cake!" Well, Boston and I were up early and had already eaten. Mark is getting a cold and slept in with a Nyquil hangover. I had French Toast stuff downstairs waiting for him. I go back upstairs to start the laundry and I hear Boston downstairs wailing at Mark, "Biiiiiiite! Biiiiiiite!" Mark didn't seem to be figuring out what Boss wanted, so I hollered over the stairrail in exasperation, "He's saying, "Bite!" Give him a bite of what you're eating!" No reply. "Biiiiite!" So I asked again, "Mark, what are you eating?" Pause. Pause. Pause.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

American MIdol?

Tuesdays are always a good day because I have a little extra help with my current parenting challenge: How to teach a very intelligent and extremely chatty six year old girl to talk and do at the same time. I can always interrupt her mid sentence (or shall I say novel) and say, if you don't get ..... done before dinner, no American Idol for you. Works like a charm. (Any other suggestions for teaching this skill are welcome.) I swear, that kid LOVES the show. We haven't let her vote for her favorite or anything, I don't know, maybe we will for the finale, but she has commentary on each singer (down to the modesty of their clothes), and knows their names from clear when they were doing the tryouts. She wants all the boys out of the game so only a girl could win. I don't think she has a favorite right now, as long as the winner is a girl. Very typical. The first thing she tells me when they get a new kid in class is whether or not there are more boys than girls now. She is excited for the new baby to come and helped me pack my hospital bag today. She couldn't believe how tiny the clothes are that we put in for the baby.

Boston got to be outside alot today, his favorite thing, so he is a little pink. He was cracking me up this morning. I was trying to get breakfast dishes done and he was standing at the top of the stairs yelling, "Mooomm! Baaaffff! Mooommmm! Baaaffff!" for about ten minutes solid. Then once he's finally in the bath he's in there for like, three minutes and he's done. Whatever. Today has been challenging for Mark, who works at home on Tuesdays, because Boston has figured out that he can ram open the double office doors. We had to put a chair in the way. I'm pretty sure he won't be going through the calling his dad "that guy" stage with Mark like Leslie did. He also just reminded me, all in a panic, that the microwave beeped, so I'd better sign off.