Days 2017

Days 2017

Monday, December 3, 2007

Iron Man

Our crazy 3 party weekend is over and I'm ready to start Christmassing. We go to cut the tree tonight. Cooper gave us a bit of a scare Friday evening (why am I cursed to only have medical emergencies on Friday evening? Not that I want them more often or anything...) I'd finished feeding him and he sneezed several times in a row, then started gagging badly. I rushed over and pulled out a big oval pink plastic thingie--his prosthetic mouthtop! (the one I thought was screwed in. Turns out the screws are only nails.) So he will be going back to Primary Children's to get it replaced either Wednesday or Friday. We are assuming that it will be a no-big-deal outpatient procedure. The extra scary part was that when I pulled it out, only one of the two nails was to be found. We luckily got ahold of his surgeon right away through email (he probably worries that we are sue happy...) and he told us to take him in for Xrays. Sure enough, our baby swallowed a nail the size of a carpet tack. By the time the X rays were taken it had already moved along past the worrisome areas in the trachea, etc., and now we are waiting for it to make the return trip. This too shall pass... He slept horribly Saturday night and of course I was assuming the worst, but now he seems comfortable enough. We'll keep everyone posted.


elshmobelsh said...

AHHH! Jackie! Do you need help with the kids while you go in? Poor Cooper! It's worse than Curious George eats the puzzle piece, but we have that book if you need to explain it all to Boston or something. Let me know if I can help.

erica ernstrom said...

oh how scary! motherhood and all the responsibilities and worries that come with it can be so overwhelming sometimes. glad the worst is over.

Michelle said...

Good luck tomorrow with the new replacement put in. It seems like crazy things happen in clumps, so hopefully your turn is over.