Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, December 7, 2007

The "Easy" Button

This morning Mark made the observation that Cooper's new mouthpiece was looking a little crooked and not very snug to his mouth. And he was still screaming every time we tried to feed him. Sure guessed little trooper Cooper swallowed ANOTHER nail. We took a picture, emailed it to the surgeon and I rushed him to the emergency room for an Xray. Again.
However, Someone (this means with a capital S) has been pushing my easy button today. We got to the emergency room and I had to change Cooper's diaper. There was the nail, so no Xray. I asked the lady at the desk if she gets many "oops, nevermind"s. She said, yeah, actually about once a day. He must have swallowed it the night of the surgery and that sharp edged plate has been swinging around his mouth on the one nail. Poor kid.
So then we still had to take him to the Primary children's emergency room because his mouthpiece was now a horrible choking hazard. The surgeon came, looked at it and said, "You know, this just isn't working out for you guys, is it?" We agreed and he took it out in about five seconds. Here's the next BIG easy button. He told us that since this way wasn't working, he is going to push up Cooper's next two surgeries (the one in April and the major bone graft the year after that, when he would be a rambunctious two year old) combine them in one surgery and do the whole shebang in January. When he is still a baby who likes to sleep a lot.
So then we sat down right there and he totally chug-a-lugged about ten ounces. (He usually eats six). He probably was thinking, "Hey mom! You finally got the recipe right! Milk but HOLD the pain!"
Not many people leave the emergency room at Primary Children's Hospital ecstatic. Relieved maybe, but not ecstatic. It's also a great blessing that Cooper is such a big baby. He is twenty pounds now, as big as a one year old and I can't help but think that must have influenced the doctors decision.


Michelle said...

That is so exciting!! It will be so nice to have it done, and out of the way. Why did they ever even suggest the other way? I'm excited to see you guys tonight!!

elshmobelsh said...

Poor Cooper! I hope the nail swallowing goes on hold for awhile as well as trips to the hospital for you.