Days 2017

Days 2017

Saturday, November 3, 2007


We had a fun Halloween week. My folks decided to come down and stay for the weekend before. It was so fun to see Boston and Grandpa play so rowdy the whole time. Here are some shots. (Boston is trying to pull of Grandpa's socks.)
Monday we went to a big Halloween party. Boston loved getting to dress up. He was a tiger, Leslie was a witch, Cooper was a little punkin', I was his punkin' farmer, and Mark was Indiana Jones. On Halloween Boston saw Leslie getting dressed up for school, took off his own regular clothes and came in, "Where's MY raahhrr?" (His rahr is his tiger suit.) So he got to wear it all day. After school we carved a "Jack-u-lantern" (Leslie was getting a little mixed up with her pumpkin words and vampire words.) The trick or treating went well. It was Boston's first time and he was tickled pink. Still being a small boy took its toll after having to climb up and down so many porch steps. He was SO tired by the time we made it around the block that he was dawdling in the middle of the street and driving Leslie crazy by taking so long. He was pretty possessive of that candy, though. He wouldn't let me hold his bucket or carry him. Tough little tiger.

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erica ernstrom said...

Your boys are getting so big! I love the cute pics of Coopers big smile and Boston trying to hard to pull the sock off. Glad yall had a fun Halloween!