Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happies on the doors

October has finally arrived in full force (since I stayed up late last night, digging in the cold storage for my autumn decorations to put up without interference.) The kids awoke to a cheery kitchen lined with spiders, eyeballs, packages of cheddar larvae, and leftover chopped off fingers from last year. Boss and I taped up plastic Jack-o-lantern pictures on some of the doors, including one in his bedroom. He calls them "Happies" because of their happy faces. But my favorite part of the fall decor is the long line (13 qts...I had 14 but I put one in the pantry) of homemade apple pie mix, shiny lids and all on my kitchen counter. Bea-utiful. Our neighbor the Bishop has an orchard and invited us to take our fill. It was so fun. I took the boys one afternoon. The weather was gorgeous and so was Boston with his beep beep car and Cooper happily riding in his pouch. Then we came back with Mark and Leslie when Mark got home from work.
Mark is just about done with softball season; tonight may be his last game. We also get to go to parent teacher conference tonight. Except here they call them SEP conferences for Student, Educator, Parent, and you are supposed to bring your child. Now where is the fun in that? I guess it's good for the kids to hear the teacher brag them up, as in our case...
Mark and I are still trying to decide what to be for Halloween, since we will be going to a couple of parties. We thought about Napoleon Dynamite and his girl, but one of our neighbors is already doing that. Nacho Libre? I could be Incarnation the non-floosey nun I suppose but Mark would have to wear "stretchy pants" and he's not too excited about that. We'll see.

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Michelle said...

Good luck on the Halloween costumes. I mentioned to Jeff about Mark and the Nacho Libre idea. He didn't think it would fly too well.