Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, September 21, 2007

Little exhibitionist

Boston has been funny lately about his diaper, ever since Mark played, "Does it go on your elbow? No. Does it go on your head? No. Does it go on your foot?, etc. Sometimes when we go to change it, and take the diaper off now, he goes, "Ta Dah!"
I'm here with Cooper by myself this afternoon, who seems to be working up another ear infection. I'm going to go ahead and take him in later this afternoon so I don't end up having to sit for two hours at the quote, unquote, instacare on a Saturday morning like I did last time. He just went in for his four month check up on Wednesday. He is a big boy at 16 lbs, 4 oz. Poor Coops, he was up twice in the night last night, and so was Boston, but at different times. Oh, wait...poor ME. Luckily, I crashed at lunchtime while Mark was getting Boston his lunch and Cooper was napping, so now I am recovered. Boston is running errands with Mark, Leslie is at school for another half hour, and cooper just went back to sleep, after much protest. I don't hardlyknow what to do with myself. The last three weeks have been fun. My little sister Brooke and her husband Jared have been living with us while they wait for Mark to close the deal on their house.. Today is the big day. It's been nice to have a few extra bodies for my kids to climb on.and for us to stay up late playing pool with. Not that Brooke and I are any good at pool, but it's fun to mock each other, since we never really had the sibling rivalry thing, being nine years apart. And they always compliment the meals. (This helps take up the slack where Boston and Leslie leave off.) We'll be sad to see them go clear down to Springville.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

a month later...

HI Everyone. Thanks for being so patient with my non-use of the computer. My boys keep me so busy that just getting on the internet is like, a week-long item on the to-do list. Here are some photos of Cooper's gorgeous face and also of Boston's second birthday.