Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Coop's New Face

Here are two of the "Before pictures. See how big the gap is, and notice the bandaids on the face? We got used to those--they were for holding in his little retainer. Then see the after pictures. We'll post more as it heals. We got home from the hospital Thursday afternoon. Cooper seems to be doing okay--it just freaks him out a little to be breathing out of two tiny holes instead of one great big one, and he's congested besides. He's never experienced that before. Eating is a bit of a struggle. The stitches in his soft palate seem to bother him because he flinches pretty bad when he tries to swallow. But we've got pain killer and he seems to be more comfy every day.
So, he had three things done. The doc stitched up his lip and nose, put in a semi-permanent prosthetic hard palate, and did some fancy stitchwork in his soft palate to get it ready for his next surgery, probably when he is about one so he can learn to talk right.
Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

2 Grasshopper Shakes

We are back from our big break to visit my folks up in Montana. It was super fun to watch my parents play with my kids. I really wish they lived closer. My surreal moment came when I woke up from a (ahhhhhh....) long nap to realize that my kids were outside playing on the slip and slide with my PARENTS who ALSO had their suits on. The wind was blowing and Boston was a little scared of the whole thing. Leslie could have taken it or left it. But Grandpa and Grandma wanted to play! Boss was even riding down it on my Dad's back while Grandma held his hand. I don't remember EVER seeing my Dad in swimming trunks unless he was waterskiing at the lake. Not just driving the boat, but the rarity of actually having to get in the water. I had to take pictures to prove it to myself.
We had fun in the not-100degree weather, picnicking outside, seeing our new baby cousin Jaxon, and going to the state fair, but I think Boston was the highlight of the trip. He loves attention and was at his hilarious, "naughny" best for my Dad and "naughny" brother Jake. I told Mark that I was so glad we belonged to a family where mischievous boys are appreciated and admired. On the way up he was being a handful where we stopped for lunch and one of the employees, an older gentleman, came up to us afterward and said, "That one has a little extra sparkle in his eye, doesn't he?" He does for sure.
One afternoon he and Leslie and my Dad were playing outside and Boston noticed the "bees" sunbathing on the side of the shed. (They were grasshoppers, but he calls every bug bees.) He wanted to catch them and had no qualms about pinching them right off the wall (even though he's scared of the kitties). Grandpa then started sticking them down Boston's shirt, just to see Boss shake them out and laugh.
Now that we are home we are trying to reclaim our poor lawn and garden and are hoping for our basement to finally be finished. Next week maybe? It's very very close, but Mark informed me today that he is changing the color of our bathroom because he hates it so bad--he says it looks like a grasshopper milkshake with the mint green walls and black granite countertops. I don't know, it's got possibilities, but whatever. So now it might be a bit longer.
Cooper's surgery is Wednesday. We are excited and not really nervous except for his pain and for trying to feed him when he has stitches in his lip...but we know a lot of people are praying for us. We'll be sure to post some before and after picts when things get healed up.