Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, July 6, 2007

The Perfect Husband...

Attention all mothers of little girls under the age of two. I am raising the perfect husband for your little girl. Let me tell you why Boston has most of those typical "husband hangups" beat.
1. He loves to pick up socks. Especially when they are all nice and folded in a box on the shelf. He even will throw them, one by one, over the stairrail, just so he can have the joy of picking up one or two of them.
2. You won't catch him napping! Especially during church, on a Saturday afternoon when everyone else wants a nap, or anytime that I might need "help" with a big project I'm trying to get done.
3. No couch potato here. Boston would much rather be up and doing, or even hugging me (well, yes, around the legs) instead of calmly and quietly sitting in front of the tube while I cook dinner.
4. He has no problem admitting fault. Case in point: I was upstairs pumping (in other words, completely unavailable) when I hear breaking glass. As soon as I was done, I ran downstairs. There was Boston with an overturned flower pot and a broken plate on the kitchen floor. I said in a serious tone, "Ohhh. Look what you did." Boston gets a big smile, throws both hands up in the air and actually dances around the kitchen, jumping and shouting exultantly, "I DID it! I DID it!"
5. He loves to do yardwork. We really need a sandbox to distract him from the more adult chore of thinning vegetables in my growboxes.

There are several more excellent qualities that my son possesses, not the least of which is that he is handsome as the morning and very romantic. (He brings me flowers all the time.) Let me know if any of your daughters are interested. They don't even have to know how to cook. He hates food! How can you lose?


erica ernstrom said...

Wow! Sounds great! Put Lucy on his list of potentials. :)

Michelle said...

I LOVED this post. You're such a great writer. Maddy still points out Boston's cup and Boston's chair from when you were here on Thursday, so sounds like she's got Boston on her mind...