Days 2017

Days 2017

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leslie the Great

The dust is starting to settle around here (well, yes, literally....) and I am starting to feel slightly normal. You know, cooking dinner regularly, going for walks with my kangaroo pouch on, only waking up once in the night. So we decided to designate this Sunday as baby blessing day and are hosting a brunch at our house. Mark insists that I am not allowed to cook anything so I insisted that we must have atleast Krispy Kremes there to make it one notch up from the usual "Elder's Quorum help-someone-move" fare. Mark is hoping and praying that our basement will be done so he can show everyone his man cave, etc. They are finishing the painting today and the carpet, maybe tomorrow. We got brave on the paint colors, bright blue for the main areas and pale green in the bedrooms.
Then, to add to the insanity that we are piling on ourself, we decided we didn't want to be bored this 4th of July (I am of the opinion that any 4th of July without a motorboat or a rodeo is extremely boring. Montana trumps Utah on this one by far.) we are hosting a neighborhood barbecue in the backyard. Then Mark has this plan to sneak into this gated community in Pleasant Grove where all these castle-ish mansions are and watch their private fireworks show, supposedly better than the infamous Stadium of Fire. We'll see.
On Saturday Leslie is going to march/ride in the Lehi Roundup Days parade. Our ward has a float with a circus theme and she is going to be dressed like an acrobat. She has a great cape.


Michelle said...

Wow, you guys sure are taking on a lot. Can't wait to see the basement! I've been trying to prep Maddy for the parade, I'm sure she'll love seeing Leslie.

erica ernstrom said...

sounds like yall are BUSY and enjoying summer. wish we could see the finished basement! and by the way, i was a bit shocked at your yardwork tip until i noticed it was mark's tip not jackie's.