Days 2017

Days 2017

Friday, June 15, 2007

Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful bo-oy...

My neighbor Ashley is a professional photographer. I had mentioned to her that I wanted some extra nice shots of Cooper for his baby pictures so he will like the way he looked even before his surgery. She was a doll and gave me a free photo session and the copyrights as a baby gift. Cooper's skin is pinking out nicely (bye bye jaundice). His eyes are turning a very pretty dark blue and his hair is quite brown. Maybe we'll have a little brunette in the family? I think he looks great but Boston still calls him "Cuckoo". That's no big deal, though. He calls Leslie "yeh-yes." It's really funny when he says, "NO, Yeh-yes!" He was pretty panicked the other day when I took all three kids shopping for the first time. I put Cooper in first and took Cooper out first, usually Boston's order. Boss was hollering at me, "Me mEE! Me MEEE!" like he thought I was forgetting him in the car. It was pretty funny.


erica ernstrom said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby (and a beautiful mother)!

dnanorton said...

Wow! You are brave-- taking ALL 3 kids to the store?! I can barely make it out of the house with my one. You are my hero :-)