Days 2017

Days 2017

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Barefoot and pregnant...

Everyone has been asking how I'm feeling. I usually reply, "Fat, but otherwise fine." We were at dinner with our friends Matt and Heather last night and Heather, motioning at my obvious "outy" that shows no matter what I put on, asked me if my turkey thermometer had popped. I just had to laugh. The thermometer's messed up; this kid still has three weeks to cook. I suppose we're ready but I know well enough by child number three that it's easier to take care of a baby when they are still inside. Quieter for sure. So I'm enjoing every minute of this last month. I'm helping with Leslie's big field trip on Wednesday to the Thanksgiving Point Farm Country and I get to take Boston. I'm glad I'm doing this with a single stroller instead of a double. It should be fun and Leslie tells everyone we talk to that she gets to go. Do you think she's excited?
A Leslie note: She's been having a bout of toothaches/mouthaches from double canker sores/double six year molars growing in at the same time and informed me that she thought she was getting her wizard teeth. She also had a comment about weddings with all the goings on of Brooke and Jared's wedding on Friday. We were getting ready for a different reception and she didn't want to have to wear a dress. I told her she had to and especially because she had holy jeans on. She said. "Oh. So we can't wear clothes with holes in them to wedding stuff. (Pause) Unless we're in Montana!" No idea where she got that, but I laughed pretty hard.

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dnanorton said...

so, how do i see your recipes?

i don't know if i'd say i'm "enjoying" these last few weeks, but i am coming to the realization that our lives are going to change FOREVER here shortly. yikes! exciting, but a little scary. :-)