Days 2017

Days 2017

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The What-If Kid

Sometimes we call Luke the What-If Kid.  He just turned six, so I wanted to get this recent conversation in print as a little snapshot of his personality and how his mind works.

While driving in the car, almost home, Luke says to me:

Mom, what if you had to go to jail?
Me (thinking of a friend who is only allowed to see her kids 2 hours a week):  That would be really sad.
Luke:  Why?
Me:  I would miss my kiddos!
Luke:  Yea, that would be really sad.  (Pausing, tearing up a little)  Remember when that cop pulled you over?  I thought you were going to jail.  (Lip trembles.)
Me:  Nooo.  I just had to pay some money to the judge because I was going too fast.  You don't have to go to jail for that.  Jail is for people who did something REALLY BAD, like, robbing a bank...killing somebody...doing drugs...robbing someone's car...
Luke:  What if Peyton's Mom had to go to jail?
Me:  Uh, she's pretty nice.  I don't think so.
Luke:  What if she robbed Rosie?
Me:  Well, Rosie doesn't have any money, so I don't think...
Luke:  No, like what if someone stole Rosie?
Me:  Oh.  Yup.  Kidnappers have to go to jail for a REEEEAALLLY long time.
Luke:  Like a hundred years?
Me:  Yup.  Like their whole life.  Even for a hundred years.  But they'd probably die before that, because they'd already be a little old.
Luke:  Whoa.
Me:  (turning up radio, thinking conversation over.)
Luke:  What if there was a ONE year old who robbed a bank?
Me:  Haha.  That wouldn't work.  Look at Rosie!  She's one, and she can't even walk.  How would she rob a bank?
Luke:  What if there was a ONE year old, who could walk and talk and drive, and they robbed a bank?
Me:  That would be awesome, buddy.
Luke:  Would they have to go to jail for 100 years????
Me:  (Pulling into the house and weighing the cost of explaining the juvenile court system to a six year old).  Uh, yup.  Go get in the tub!

My one year old isn't going to be robbing banks any time soon, but she sure *steals our hearts !!  wahaha.  Here is a mugshot and dossier.

Rosie Day
Age one.  23 lbs.  Tallish for her age.  Round face, chubby legs.  8 teeth.  Light colored hair that curls in back.  Bright raspberry birthmark on left side.  Big baby blue eyes that everyone comments on at the grocery store, the football game, etc.  Sleeps like a champ.  Mellow would not be in her description.  Loud (like all her siblings).  Loves long walks in her stroller or the grocery cart.  Likes to chew on her blankie, Mom's keys or sunglasses, Honey Nut cheerios, meat (especially sausage), all fruit except bananas, baby food except the green kinds or the chunky kinds (as long as she is allowed to do the spoon herself), French fries, pizza, eggs, spinach pie, ice cream, grown-up food in her grindy, and ripped up popcorn.  First word she really meant at about 10 months was "No no no no".  Also says "num num" for food, mama, dada, da for hi or bye while waving, starting to verbalize animal sounds, especially the dog on Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Recognizes lots of important words like drinky, blanky, kids, outside, stories, bottle, diapy, walk, kisses, and "Yay for Rosie!", which elicits happy patty-cakes.  Favorite toys are anything with ribbons or strings (or unfortunately, cords), noisemakers, cars, and siblings.  Climbs upstairs but not down.  Stands alone but not yet walking.  Looks like trouble--growing up too fast!

It has been a fun first month of school.  I took that first weekend off and went on a fun girls' trip my sister Brooke planned for us for my Mom's 60th birthday (and kind of for my 40th).  What a hoot.  We definitely need to get together more often.  I'm still grinning about it when I think about it, but I think my favorite moment was when we were trying (and all taking bites of each other's food) the yummy sandwiches at this award winning restaurant-in-a-gas-station and Mom looked up, almost startled, and said "This!!"

We went to Spokane which fit all the requirements of being somewhat central and having a temple and some outdoorsy things to do since Mom likes Outdoorsy Woodsy stuff.

We ate Vietnamese food (Darcy made us) and went to the temple.  It was good and meaningful to be all there together, dressed in white.  The temple workers kept making a big deal over Mom being there with all her girls.  Darcy, Brooke and I were fighting the giggles over Darcy's good attitude about not having a matching, custom made gown like Brooke and I do (with vintage lace from our mother's wedding dress..etc, etc., very special and sentimental).  Oh man Darcy, I'm still laughing.
Darcy, Mom, Jackie, Brooke, Natalie, Rachel at the Spokane Temple
Darcy, Mom, Jackie, Rach, Brooke, Natalie at the Spokane Temple.

 That evening we spend walking along the river and fabulous falls and bridges, then we went to the play Anne of Green Gables.

The next day we did some shopping and went to Coeur D'Alene's boardwalk and then to my sis-in-law Sharon's lakefront house for some great kayaking on Lake Pend O'reille (sheesh with these French words already).  Doug and Sharon were kind enough to BBQ for us and had an awesome ice cream Sundae trough--PERFECT for my Mom's 60th birthday, as a lifelong ice cream lover.

Mom at the wooden Boat Show, sporting her matching Costco jacket.  Natalie and I were the holdouts, but everyone else got the jacket.  They looked like a Mom gang. 

 Rachel and I liked this boat the best.  I think I would name it the "Cary Grant".
 I guess there weren't enough little kids around.  We didn't know how to act normal.

 I think the sign in the back is appropriate.

 I probably have enough hair now that I wouldn't need the hat...
 I love this picture of Natalie.
 I love this picture of Mom.  Doesn't she look relaxed?
 I love this picture of Darcy.  She is an Amazon I tell you.  She goes kayak salmon fishing in Oregon regularly.  By herself.

 We need to make this a new tradition I think.

Luke's first day of kindergarten rolled around.  He was excited to go, even with this "all about me" T-Shirt that Macy "helped" him decorate.  At least it has a lion on it.  Wahahahahaha.

 Rosie misses her siblings but she does well napping while Luke is at school.
 She has made it to a lot of sports games in her young life.  This was a sunny day at one of Cooper's flag football games.  She liked the umbrella but hasn't learned to smile for the camera yet.
 I thought I would be getting more done with the kids at school, but my garden and the veggies therein have been taking over my life pretty much all month.  I've canned salsa three separate times, and this is my first ever batch of jalapeno jelly.  I felt a little witchy stirring this in the pot, but it tastes great with a little cream cheese or on cornbread or burgers.

 Football has been taking over Boston's life.  His team of 32! is (very unfortunately) playing in a division above what they should be playing, so Boston is on the line against boys about 100-150 lbs bigger than he is, when he even gets a chance to play, but he has had a great attitude about the long, everyday practices and has made some new friends that attend his junior high.  Even when they lose he says he still pretty much likes it.  He was out for a couple of weeks with a bad foot/ankle injury he got from jumping out of a tree that was a little higher up than he had supposed.  We are super proud of him choosing to try something hard and new and making the best of it.  I think he likes going to Junior High and wearing his football t-shirts, etc., and identifying as an athlete.  He also is proud of his buff calf muscles.
 Boston is the one in the red pants.  He didn't get the memo, apparently.  Even though the pants are reversible...  This game was actually on his birthday.  There was a big yelling/swearing fight after the game with the coaches and refs and some of the parents on the other team, so we left kind of shaken.  I told him to pay attention to how he felt about that and compare it to how he felt during the rest of the day's activities.  For instance, he wanted to go to the temple with his mom and dad, and out for lunch.  

 We love you Boston!  Thank you for surviving your 12th year and not being too hard on us.

 I think one of Boston's favorite things about being a teenager is hanging out with his scout troop and going to Young Men's activities.  This was a hike to Stewart Falls.  Boston on the far right.
Mark and I spent a date night at a different waterfall, Bridal Veil, with our dear friends the Kellis's.  (We have 12 children between us--we NEED our date nights!)  We also went out for Mexican, hence Mark's favorite Taco T shirt.
 Cooper has had a fun flag season, usually playing quarterback.  They went undefeated until the semifinals, where they lost out by one point.  He is number 4.

 We had to get a picture of Rosie the Woodchipper.  For several weeks she was loving her big kid food--just not swallowing it.  Especially if you showed her a tempting morsel before she had finished with the previous bite--out it would come.
Boston is a bit of a baby-lover.
Mark was out one weekend for a work trip to San Diego.  This is his boss Scott.
He was a little nervous to be away from home because of our nearby crazy huge forest fire.  Here are some of the views that greeted him on return.  We were not evacuated but our kids have friends and teachers who were. This is the Pole Creek/Bald Mountain fire.
 This is the shot Mark took coming home from the airport.  Yeah, it was smoky out.  We kept monitoring our air quality online.  Both of the boys had football games cncelled, etc.
 I took this dropping Luke off at school.
 From our house.

 This one from the neighboring town's Salem  Pond was featured on Social Media, etc..
Starting to wind down.  I think one of the two fires is contained now, and we had a very good rain last night.
As mentioned, I turned 40 this month.  For my actual birthday we had cake and I went to the temple.  On my way, in the neighboring town, I was met by this fun surprise:

 I don't think it was met for me...(I don't have any friends with connections at Exxon) but pretty cool anyhow.
 The weekend after my birthday Mark got us tickets with some friends to go to a "Chocolate Tasting Event" at Taste, our local chocolatier. (How perfect for his chocolate-loving wife!)  We got to tour their little factory and then try all this swanky chocolate and a few other gourmet products.  And end with lava cake and chocolate mousse...  It was yummy but being their with our crazy friends the Rowley's made it hilarious.  Jen and I have the same birthday so we tend to like to get together in September.

 Oh.  Now I know where Luke gets his crazy camera face.  This was some balsamic vinegar or something that the lady told us to warm on our wrists before we tried it.  We thought that seemed a bit over the top, so we didn't bother with trying to keep a straight face.

 Meanwhile, Leslie has been doing all kinds of fun teenagery things.
Here she is at Senior Sunrise with some of her friends.
 Bird's nest hair on crazy hair day at bandcamp.
Fun with "Why is this in my closet?" day.  I love the flamingo on her back.  Notice they are in the indoor practice field because of the smoke.
Here she is all ready for her marching band "Warcry" performance.  The facepaint left a fun sunburn line for Homecoming that we tried to makeup over.

They played some crazy games before the dance.  I don't have the couple pictures yet, so the booth ones will have to do.  She went with her friend Ammon.

And then more marching band.

They took first place at this competition and are hoping for a repeat state champs title.

Luke and Rosie also had birthdays this month.
Love the drool in this shot.
 I don't know why I ever plan games for parties.  All boys need are sticks and someone to battle!

Luke and his buddy Peyton at their pond field trip.

 Rosie wasn't sure what to think of the presents or the treat, but she liked the birthday song.
One night for Family Home Evening we visited this elderly couple.  The gentleman fixes up old tractors for his hobby, and he took the kids for rides.

Rosie didn't want a ride.  
Apparently she wants to be a model.  At least for Leslie's art class.