Days 2015

Days 2015

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Brawns, Brains, and Beauties

We did manage to do almost everything on our Summer Fun poster.  (I think the Kids' Meal Coupon day fell by the wayside--but hey, I think we got everything else in.)  Here are some of the highlights before school started.
We spent a few days at a cabin at Lake Mary Ronan (near Flathead Lake, MT) with my Mom and my brother Jake and his family.  Lots of fun fishing, tubing, boating, swimming, eating, reading (that was mostly done by me), paddle-boarding, canoeing, rope-swinging, and looking for turtles.  The kids had been looking forward to this trip all year.

We also had fun playing with cousins and at Willow Creek Res. at our first trip to MT for my Dad's funeral.  These pictures are all mixed up together.  Basically, if you see pine trees or a dock, we are at Mary Ronan.

Luke and Benson being tough guys??

Luke and Jett in their jazzy hats.
"Boston made me wear his Spanish Fork Dork hat".
Macy had fun swirling around in this tube.
Rachel puts her life in her hands taking these crazies on Grandpa Heagy's canoe.  I think the boys are trying to swamp her here.

Macy and Addie got a little stuck together in this tube.  Macy was dragging a bit...

Luke really wanted a solo mission on the canoe.  No dice.

Leslie got to bring her friend Becky to Montana since we have an extra seat in our van until the baby comes. 
We came close to this forest fire in Lincoln as we drove to the cabin.  Little did we know what a long and horrible fire season Montana would have this year.  Worst since the Big Burn of 1910 if not worse.

I think he is messing with a hook or something here?
Living large in Uncle Jake's new boat:  Cooper, Jaxon and Bridger

The younger ones had fun manning the "aquarium".
 Mark and the kids and I had fun trying a paddleboard for the first time.  Macy was particularly intrepid about the whole thing.  I kept my sweats on to let the board know that I was not planning to get wet!

Looks like Bridger, Luke, Cooper?, Jaxon, and Macy

I love this shot of Leslie.  She could almost be swinging from a helicopter she is up there so high.
 When we came home from Montana, Cooper was due for an ortho check at Primary's in Salt Lake.  So, we made the best of a long day and took the kids to the Fun Center in Lehi on the way home.  The big boys had a blast on the speedway cars there but I forgot to take pictures.  (They would have been blurry anyway, right?)

We also went to Seven Peaks Resort a few times, especially while Leslie was working there, doing janitorial for the summer.  But once again, I didn't bring my camera for that.  The odds were too high that it would get wrapped up in someone's wet towel.
I did manage to take a few pictures of swimming lessons though.  This year was only Macy and Luke for the first time since the big boys have passed their level 5.  Luke was just giddy happy the whole time.

I kept busy with the garden and Young Women's this summer, and Mark worked hard finishing another room in the basement for Macy to move into before the baby comes.  We did manage to remember to use our company Christmas gift night out and stay at the Anniversary Inn (and dinner at The Roof).  The Anniversary Inn is a hotel chain that has themed rooms.  Several of them are western themed, so we took pictures to show off to the kids.  While we were there, we talked about how cool the kids would think a themed family hotel would be, so we were excited to see their reaction.  Well, we showed them the pictures, but the reaction was not what we expected.

 The swinging doors led to the tub room.
The wagon was the bed.

Boston looked through the hotel pictures without comment.  When he got to this one, he pointed out that it was upside down.  I explained that no, the bucket had nail holes in it and was actually the shower over the great big tub.  He stared at it another minute in disbelief and a little bit of disgust.  "And this was a 4 star hotel??"  He couldn't understand why Mark and I were laughing so hard or believe that Mark had actually used said shower.
Our family also got to tour the Missionary Training Center along with its new addition this summer.  I'd never been and thought it was pretty cool to see and for Mark to show the kids.  So, here's a flashblack shot of Mark in France as a missionary just a few years ago.  (See?  This shot could be the whole reason why I titled this entry Brawn, Brain and Beauty.  Lookin' good Elder!)
Here are some budding scientist pictures.  Boston has been making salsa like crazy.  I guess this batch he got a little bored and added some blue food coloring.  I gotta tell ya, it was a little weird to eat.  Maybe if we'd had some of those purple corn chips to go with it...
 Mark and I were at one day of BYU's Education Week, and it just happened to be the day of the solar eclipse.  It was weird walking outside and seeing all these crowds watching the sky with their fancy glasses.  I liked seeing the crazy shadows, like these "alien fingers" I was apparently growing between my regular fingers, and the odd leaf patterns. 
 And then the Happy Day arrived...

 Mark was in charge of getting Leslie's first day of school shot, but she misunderstood that he wanted her to pose with her car--and she just jumped in and drove away.  Teenagers!
 So instead, here is Leslie with her first day of wearing scrubs to school, sort of.  Every other morning this semester she has a two-period class with some friends at MTech (across town) earning her CNA, and she "has" to wear scrubs.  When she first tried them on she was just silly about how comfortable they are, and thrilled that they actually fit her long skinny self.  She threatened to sleep in them the nights before her classes.  I haven't actually checked if she does that or not--I go to bed earlier than her and sleep longer.  Some days she doesn't have time to change out of them before she has to go to the high school building and ends up wearing them until lunchtime.  Some days she has extra lunch time and comes home to eat with me.
Cooper was excited about his back to school haircut.  I'm excited about how quickly his teeth are responding to the braces.
 Boston turned the big 12 and had a pizza/chocolate fountain party with a bunch of friends that he invited.  Even girls (that the boys completely ignored the whole time, LOL.)  They ate under the BYU canopy, played football outside, and watched some Studio C.  I like these pictures of Boston running up to his cake to blow out the candles.

Leslie is in the thick of marching band season.  Her band hosted a fun family night to let everyone watch the new competition show for this year, titled "Under Construction".  They are still missing several props (blueprint flags, backdrops, some costumes, a grand opening tape for the giant scissors to cut, etc.), probably because of the shipping problems with hurricane season, but the music and the marching were really great.  Here is a video of the show in its entirety, about seven minutes.  I tried to catch Leslie in the screen a lot of the time, and sometimes I zoomed out to capture the full formation.  One of my favorite parts was the second movement 'Breaktime' when she gets to take a selfie with her friends as part of the choreography.  I told her she should pretend her flute is a selfie stick.  She is usually easy (ish) to spot--the tallest flute.
It starts out sideways but should flip after a few seconds.

FYI-that intense marimba (like a xylophone) who shows off pretty much the entire performance was Leslie's homecoming date.  Pictures in a minute.
Oh so serious!!

An exciting part of the evening was after the first run through, each band member got to choose a guest to come and shadow march with them for the first movement.  Macy was the lucky winner and thought it was pretty awesome, and harder than it looks.  Then after that we all got to go onto the field and check out the instruments, etc. and visit with the band members.
I love Macy's adoring face in this one.
She was also super excited to try out Leslie's friend Sara's flag while the boys played with the drums.
Next up we have Homecoming.  Leslie went with a group of band friends (and also was pretty proud of herself for talking several other of her reluctant guy friends into getting dates of their own and going--I think at last count she claimed that she was responsible for 14 people getting to go to Homecoming.  And then one bailed out by going to the hospital.  Lame excuse.)  Her date was a friend named Jacob who has been in the band with her for a few years.  One original thing about Jacob is that he is legally blind--so now she will always have a great "blind date" story to tell.  We weren't sure how much to joke about the whole thing, but there may have been some question about what kind of perfume she should wear, and exactly how Mark was supposed to intimidate her date if polishing his gun on the porch might be a little ineffective.  She and her friends all had a great time, and Jacob's Dad got them behind-the-scenes at the BYU creamery for part of their date, where they got to suit up and scoop their own sundaes. 

On to the Brawn.
The boys have finished up their flag football season.  As a parent I love flag football.  It's fun and fast to watch, there isn't a ton of pressure and stress (like baseball), and the injuries are pretty tame if not nonexistent.  The weather is usually beautiful.  And then the boys tend to come home from their games and play more football outside until we drag them in and point them to the showers.  This year has been extra fun because the boys get to be on the same team.  Which is cool in and of itself, but also means we have half as many commitments to attend.  Boston is usually center (Coach calls him one of his Big Nasties), number 12, and Cooper is usually a receiver, number 4.  Both of them are pretty good players and have several plays where they are the key component.  One of their coaches used to play for BYU, so that is also fun for them.

Unfortunately, a downside of flag football is that it is fairly difficult to take pictures of.

Cooper in the foreground here, Boston hiking the ball.

They finished out the season with a nail-biter at the semi-finals.  And then came home, went outside, and played some more.

Next post we will introduce you to our new addition, but I thought, Brawns, Brains, Beauties and Babies was a bit much for one entry!