Days 2015

Days 2015

Friday, June 24, 2016

Do Umps make housecalls?

We are staying pretty busy this summer.  It's always a big adjustment having all the kids home from school all day long.  Although, Leslie is gone pretty much every morning for marching band or driver's ed (which sort of makes things harder) but the rest of us are working hard and playing hard.
Here is a shot of Luke and me celebrating one of our last kid-free days together by having a pizza and smoothie lunch date while stocking up for summer at Costco.  (I don't like to dwell on our summer grocery budget.)
The kids have enjoyed our big-kid-sized extra deep sandbox very much.

It doesn't take much to be great in this house.

I got to volunteer or watch both Cooper and Boston's track meet at the local high school.  Very fun but I wished they would give out more ribbons   (I remember being pretty proud of a fifth or sixth place ribbon at our little rural school track meets growing up;)

We have been super busy with baseball season.  Since Boston and Cooper could be on the same team this year, Mark decided to coach.  Leslie has helped by minding the littler ones at home or at the game, and at least one time by talking it up with the ump between innings (They are her age; she is friends with some of them from school so of course we are always very civil to them:)  I told her to bat her eyelashes a few times but she just laughed at me.)  The first few games were kind of rocky, but after getting a few things figured out and consistent attendance from the players we've done a lot better.  Plus I think Mark is a brilliant coach.  And I keep score and cheer loud.  Mark had to get after me last night for telling the catcher to "tackle" someone.  Heh, heh, he knew what I meant and totally got the kid out.  (I meant "take a flying lunge at him", but apparently yelling at someone to tackle is not okay in baseball.  Humph.  Mark suggested keeping it to a simple, "tag him".  Why tell him what he already knows?)  We've improved to the point that next week we will be in the semi-finals for our city and have already earned a spot in the "state" tourney in July--pretty exciting. 
Cooper has pitched several innings, sometimes playing catcher and also great at short-stop.  I think he's our best 3rd grader.  Pitching is a huge deal in this league because there can be a lot of walks and stolen bases, etc--the game pretty much lies in the pitcher's throws.  These pictures are of his first time pitching; I think that he will be no stranger to the mound for the next several years.

Getting ready in the dugout.  The boys love spitting sunflower seeds.
Boston had one inning pitching because he wanted to try it.  Normally Mark tells him no because he doesn't practice as much as Cooper, but he got to on this game.  He did fine but decided he prefers 1st base and is pretty consistent getting outs there.
Boston on 1st

  It has been fun getting to know the boys on the team and see their personalities through their playing--probably more in baseball than any other sport because they each have their moment.  Plus, since I've been keeping the books I'm usually one of the few fans in the bleachers behind the ump, (most people sit in the shade on the sidelines,) so I feel extra maternal to all those boys. Sometimes I think I'm the only one they can hear, (so I have to be careful what I say.) I love Wil's strut to the plate that scares the pitcher silly or his glare when I accidentally call him Danny (both are #5), I love little Porter's trash talk and his puppy-dog face when he knows the ump is going to call him out, I love Cooper's speed and Boston's power and Ryan's crazy aggressive steals.  I want to cry when Liam swings so hard but strikes out and Harrison jumps out of the box because he is so afraid to get hit again.  I laugh when little Koben never swings and still manages to get on base most of the time.  I kind of don't want to go to the state tourney--it was so tense last year with Boston's Orioles--I yelled myself hoarse and wanted to throw up half the time--but I think if I don't go no one will tell the boys' that their pitch was beautiful, or when to scoot up, or to "tackle"!  They won't play as well if they can hear the crickets, and they will wonder where that loud Mom is.

My baseball boys.  Go Astros!

Macy did a great job narrating an end of school play that her class did.  She has loved her teacher, Miss Cope.
 She also played the part of a woodpecker.  I love her overalls and wish she would wear them every day.

Remember that stock-up at Costco?  There was a sale on Baby Backs.

Leslie had a fun time playing hooky one morning during the last week of school.  It was the school trip to Lagoon but she was already planning on going with the band later on, so she and some friends decided to hike the Y instead.  Then her mom negated all that healthy exercise by taking them out to the Creamery.  Ice cream before lunch?  Teenagers!

Luke decides that he could handle being a teenager.

Luke had a fun time playing with his 2nd cousin Reece in Fillmore at the Memorial Day reunion.

Throwing rocks in the creek in Fillmore.  The house Mark lived in as a kid is on the other side of that bridge.
We took the kids camping up Hobble Creek.  The weather was beautiful and so was our campsite.

We had a house building competition.  This is the boys' leprechaun house.

This is the girls' fairy house.  Ours is cuter.

This was a pretty fun tradition to start.  The boys packed all their finished workbooks, math sheets, etc. from the last day of school and had a great time lighting them up.

Luke had a tough morning on this day.  He woke up too early but stayed in his room playing with toys.  When he ran into Macy's room to show her what he made, (and wake her up) Macy yelled at him.  So I texted this picture to his Daddy to help him feel better.  Look at that sad face.
This day was better.  We went to Seven Peaks with our Haynes cousins.  Luke is finally at the age where the pool is really fun.  My sis-in-law Rachel and I had ten kids to man between us.  They were all pretty good and had a great time laughing and playing together.  It wasn't very crowded and so the Lazy River was particularly fun and relaxing.

Front:  Jett, Addy, Luke, Tyler (their Seamons cousin)
Middle: Macy, Bridger, Cooper Boston, Jaxon Back: Leslie

Cousins and sunshine wear you out.  Cooper was the only one awake.  Leslie was even sleeping in the front seat on the way home from SLC a little bit after she took this picture, I think.
With the kids home it's hard to read or be on the computer, but for some reason I've been getting some sewing done.  New curtains, etc.  This project was particularly fun--all our hand prints stacked on each other, with Mark covering us all, for a pillow in the family room.
I really would go crazy in the summer if it weren't for friends for my kids to play with.  Mud I can handle.

Or friends to work with.  Lois and I throwing down some sod.  Look how red-faced we are!
Leslie missed her first paraded due to a family reunion, but here she is warming up for the PG parade.  I was happy to have a chance to help this year.  I get to give the kids their squirts of water.  It's pretty fun because it goes all over the place and I just laugh and they have to keep a straight face.  I got to water Leslie's line and I always got her the worst!  And I only got stepped on once, and I got lots of cheers from the crowd inadvertently, partly for the clumsy water-spraying entertainment and partly for wearing my BYU t-shirt since I didn't have a shirt for Leslie's high school.  (Hey, I figured, be true to your school and it works, right?  Kind of like when the pick-up players get to keep their team uniform for the tournaments in baseball?)  We have another parade tonight, in our old hometown.  Hopefully my aim is better for the kids, but I may shoot the sidelines if I see any troublemakers. 

On our bulletin board we have a quotables list.  Here is my favorite from this last month.
Mark's sister gave us an old futon for our basement.  We have never had one before and our kids were a little unfamiliar with the word.  We didn't realize that until Boston declared, "It sure is great, sitting here on our Latino!"

Friday, May 13, 2016

Getaway Days

I am realizing that I never posted our pictures from our spring break trip, and since we also just got back from Hawaii, fair warning, this is going to be one long boring post about other people's vacations.  I would skip it if I were you.
Plus I wouldn't want anyone to be jealous of all our fun :)

For spring break we spent a few days in the Cedar City/St. George area in a cool house that was owned by the neighboring hotel, so we still got to use the pool and the nice breakfast.  I thought it was a great set-up for multiple families traveling together.

We went with our dear friends the Petersons.  Our first fun plan was to hike in Kolob Canyon.  Little did we know, they have some pretty strict rules there about how many people can hike together.  The rangers actually chased us in their vehicle to the trail head and fairly waved us down, double checking how many were in each family and if we "knew that other family", even though they weren't in our party.  It still counts if you know each other.  Discrimination by association!!  Apparently you can only have 12 people in one party on the trail per 24 hours.  Our "party" had 13.  Okay, I get that they are trying to preserve the trail.  The dumb thing was, the parking lot was full of cars and people were streaming onto the trail--but they had the benefit of not knowing each other.  Lame.  Luckily, I had some bad indigestion and opted to be the odd man out.  So I hung out in the van.  Good thing the whole thing was free with Boston's 4th grader National Parks pass. 

When they were done we went on a different trail that was not so strictly (and pointlessly) regulated.
The following day we spent climbing on the rocks and formations in St. George.  We also played at the park, fed the ducks, went swimming, went to the movies, and visited the St. George Temple visitor center.   Luke was on the tail end of potty training and had an accident at one of the parks, and I had forgotten the change of clothes, so I spent a good chunk of time driving around looking for a KMart.  It wasn't my best trip ever.
Leslie and Abby

Talk about the most adorable hikers...pretty much ever.  (And check out the snake-grass.)
Mark "jumped" Luke over several stream crossings.

 We also did some other fun things that month.
Luke had a sick night one night and I had this bowl by his bed.  He didn't need to use it and was playing with it when he woke up.  The boys thought this was hilarious; one of them exclaimed, "Look, he's got the barf pot on his head!"  I giggled all day about that because I've never called it a "barf pot".   Puke bowl, perhaps.
The kids pet the snake at the Bean Museum.

 This was a fun day.  Cooper had his ortho check-up at Primary's so I pulled him out of school for the day and took him and Luke to the zoo--just the three of us.  I think Cooper liked running the show of what we were going to see, etc.  Need to do this sort of thing more often with my middle child.
Macy and Leslie got to go to Leslie's previous Jr. High's production of Cinderella.  They were pretty excited.
Some of Leslie's besties were in the play.
Then it was off to our big adventure in Hawaii.  We haven't been on a trip just the two of us for nine years.  (Also how long it has been since I've been on a plane.)  Mark turned 40 and it was kind of a birthday present, but we decided to delay it until our anniversary because by then my Mom was beginning her semi-retirement and was able to come and live at our house (zoo) for a week with the kiddos.  It's a good thing we waited because if we had bought tickets for Mark's birthday I would still have been on the IV, I think, or at least recovering from surgery and we would have had to cancel. 

The kids were pretty supportive of the whole thing.  They were excited to see their Grandma.  Plus, a few weeks before, Macy had announced that when she turns 10 it will be her "Golden Birthday".  I corrected her and told her that 50 is usually the Golden one, and told the kids about anniversaries.  Twenty-five is silver, etc.  They asked us what is the 17th anniversary.  I very matter-of-factly informed them that 17 is the "Aloha Anniversary", and they totally swallowed it.

So, these pictures are all out of order because they are cobbled together from both of our phones.  They are also probably kind of boring because our cute kiddos aren't in them.  Most of the pictures we took were of stuff we wanted to show the kids or tell the kids about.  We also didn't take any pictures snorkeling or swimming or surfing attempts because we didn't want to have to worry about our phones at the beach.  I also forgot to take a picture the day I visited my college friend Rosie.  Mark got to visit his buddy Aaron as well, and they did take a picture, but I don't know where it is.

The general area where they filmed Jurassic Park.

The Iolani Palace.  We took the tour and I thought it was pretty cool.  Any interior museum pictures you see are probably from in this building.

I think my favorite was exploring the big Mighty Mo battleship.  Our boys have a book that they like about Pearl Harbor and they would have loved that whole day.

part of Pearl Harbor in the background.

I was interested in the chocolate trees at the Dole Plantation but too cheap to buy a $9 chocolate bar to see if it tasted any different from the stuff we have at home.

This happened as we were waiting for our shuttle back to the airport.  Mark tried to get a picture of this guy with two birds and he said, "Ok, hold out your arm."  I took a deep breath (I really hate birds.  Claws, talons, beady eyes...shiver.) and did this.  He was super heavy, too.  Then the guy said, "Hold out your other arm."  I declined.  Mark was way impressed.

A full on rainbow when we came back from the temple.  Our room was ten floors up.
The oil slick still active from the sunken Arizona.

It was cool hearing about the signing of the peace treaty and be on the deck where they signed it.

Captain's cabin.

I knew the boys would be interested to see all the lava rocks for everything.

the Hawaii State Capitol

This is a funny picture.  I was trying to hurry and take a picture from the front of our canoe and Mark was chewing me out.  "Honey, pick up a paddle!" 

One of our favorite parts of the trip was trying all the foods and eating at yummy restaurants.  This one was a kind of mango-apple smoothie that I want to make for the kids.  I also tried making large-pearl tapioca pudding (it took a LONG time) with mango on top for the kids when we got home but no one would eat it.  "Mom, can you just scoop us some ice cream instead?"  The coconut shrimp from Costco later that week went over a little better.  I also very much enjoyed visiting with people touring from around the world, especially the couple from Australia who were trying Root beer for the first time.  "This is WEIRD" (but in a cool Aussie accent.)  I told him I would try Kimchee for the first time (Korean pickled cabbage stuff) and so he taught me all about it.  I did it for Rhett--our nephew who is on an LDS mission in Seoul.  It was actually pretty good.
Mark's ukulele lesson.  I think he got through "You are my Sunshine".

View from the Laie temple.  The ocean is hard to see in this picture but it is straight out.

Mark didn't want to try on the hat.  This is his reluctant face. 

Sugar cane.

On the way back from snorkeling.  We only went once because it made Mark sick.  (He got sick snorkeling on our cruise 9 years ago as well.)  I was super impressed by my freaky beach hair.  If only I had curls, it would be cool.
Really.  Crazy. Beach hair.  I've been boating lots of times and it never looks this bad with the plain old lake water.

Tiger claw necklace.

Wild chickens all over the place.  This was at a picnic table in front of a bookstore.

Some beaches of the Great Salt Lake as we were landing.